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7th time’s the charm!

Earlier this week, Joan passed along this 2010 Fox Business article interviewing Jeffrey Arnett of Clark University. One of Arnett’s most fascinating quotes is his claim that 20-somes, on average, will switch jobs 7 times before settling.

This quote may seem unsettling for the Gen Xers who are in charge of hiring and managing this new generation of employees. Contrary to the generation before them, Millennials don’t view a job as merely a way to make a living, Millennials want to enjoy their job and therefore prioritize finding one that’s the perfect fit for them.

While current management may find such a trait wishy-washy and noncommittal of Millennials, I beg to differ. In fact, were I a manager, I would want my employees to want to be at work. I want their passion to shine through in their work and it simply isn’t possible if they don’t like their job. If that were the case, I would much rather have a quick turnover rate within the Millennial employee pool if it means bringing me one step closer to an employee who truly wants to work for my company. 

Hence, word of advice to companies looking to hip-ify their companies and attract Millennials? Millennials are not lazy, uncooperative youngins who don’t understand the concept of loyalty and commitment. Rather, they’re setting higher standards for themselves and their choice of work and are unapologetically expecting companies to meet their standards. 

If Millennials are to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, it would probably be unwise for companies to stay stagnant and ignore the demands of the Millennial workforce. Like it or not, companies will be hiring Millennials so they had better know how to attract them or risk seeing their company become outdated.

Stay hip,


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